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ACT Prep Courses


Come join us in our one-day, concentrated ACT Prep of all of the test subjects: English, Social Studies, Natural Science, and Mathematics. Though you may have covered a lot of the material in your high school classes, it's still a good idea to take an ACT prep course to help improve your score. If you need extra help on the Math portion only, we also offer an ACT Math Prep course.

Tulsa Community College ACT Test

Did you know Tulsa Community College offers the Residual ACT Test?

Read "ACT Assessment (National and Residual)" to learn more about it.

ACT's Calculator Policy

Read ACT's Calculator Policy for a list of calculators students may use on the ACT exam and in our class.


ACT Textbook (

The Official ACT Prep Guide textbook is required in the course; however, students have the option to purchase textbooks separately from the class ($99) or enroll in the course that includes textbooks provided by TCC CEWD ($139).

To purchase the textbook, click on the link: The Official ACT Prep Guide


ACT Prep Courses

ACT Math Prep Courses