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Court Reporting Program

About the Program

Court Reporting involves using shorthand skills and a stenotype machine to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into a written document, creating the official transcript of court proceedings, hearings, testimonies, etc. Court Reporters play a critical role in the legal system and are in high demand across the country. Court Reporters are employed by court reporting companies for court systems or may work on a freelance basis. Also, they may find work captioning spoken words for the deaf or hard-of-hearing for television or public events.

TCC is the only public institution in Oklahoma offering a Court Reporting Certificate Program. The program encompasses six (6) modules over the course of 66 weeks with students attending year round. Students will be introduced to real-time stenographic machine shorthand writing used for court reporting to broadcast captioning transcriptions. Students will also learn about conflict-free writing, and how to distinguish English homophones and know the legal, medical and technical terminology. Throughout the program, you will work on building up your speed on the stenotype machine, until it reaches upwards of 200 words per minute with high accuracy.

With a Court Reporting Certificate, you will be qualified for positions that include court reporters, TV captions and/or working for the deaf and hard of hearing. Starting salaries approximately $45,000/year.

Questions about the program? Please contact:

Allison M. Hall, RMR, RPR, CRR, CSR
Official Court Reporter
Tulsa County Courthouse
(918) 645-4706


Court Reporting:

  • Beginning Court Reporting Machine Technology (Module 1.1)