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GED Prep

New! We are offering GED Preparation in two segments (classes): English/Reading/Social Studies and Science/Math. This gives the students greater affordability and choices to suit individual needs. 

GED Textbook (

For dually-registered GED Students: The same book is used for both GED Social Studies, English/Reading Prep (1st class) and GED Science and Math Prep (2nd class) and is included with registration. Students who take both classes may use the same book for the second class. In doing so, students are eligible for a $15 rebate, redeemable after signing in with their book the first day of class is held.


GED Test

The class does not include the GED Test. Testing is done separately. For GED testing information, please click here. Please note that while there is not an age requirement to take our classes, you must be 16 years or older to take the GED test itself.

GED Prep

  • Offered only in the Fall and Spring Semester.