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Quality Technician Workforce Certificate Program

The Quality Technician Workforce Certificate is offered in three phases. Each phase adds new tools to the box for the quality technician, resulting in a broad knowledge and skill base relevant to the needs of the quality field, and a solid foundation for quality leaders. Candidates who complete the program may also be eligible to apply these certificates for credit towards a degree at Tulsa Community College.

Certificate Completion:

Please submit your checklist to and allow 2-3 business days for verification and the certificate to be issued.

Phase 1: Basic Quality Technician

Students will learn about industry safety and apply safe work practices consistent with OSHA requirements. They will explore quality history, schools of quality thought, and demonstrate quality concepts. Additionally, candidates will create and interpret technical drawings to ensure products conform to design requirements.

Certificate Contents:

  • Manufacturing Safety
  • Introduction to Quality
  • Blueprint Reading

Quality Technician Checklist PDF


Phase 2: Advanced Quality Technician

In phase 2, students will explore the process of making products and various methods used to convert raw materials into finished goods that conform to design specification. Building on the introduction to quality from Phase 1, students will identify and apply modern concepts of Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management to the manufacturing and quality processes. Finally, candidates will identify and apply the concepts of GE&T consistent with the ASME Y14 (2009 standard) and describe how Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is used in technical drawings to fully describe all features of parts, as well as ensure proper function of those parts in assemblies.

Prerequisite: Basic Quality Technician

Certificate Contents:

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Lean, Six Sigma & Quality Systems
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Advanced Quality Technician Checklist PDF


Phase 3:
Mastery Quality Technician

Phase 3 of the Quality Technician Certificate Program will equip the student with higher-level skills needed for quality leadership and competence in the quality assurance role. Students will explore and utilize statistical skills to maintain and control quality in manufacturing processes and interpret trends in data that indicate whether processes are operating with control limits. Finally, students will explore and employ principles for inspection of goods that ensure accurate measurements and the conformity of finished products to technical specifications.
Prerequisites: Basic Quality Technician and Advanced Quality Technician

Certificate Contents:

  • Project Engineering & Management
  • Statistical Process Control & Quality Costs Audit
  • Inspection Principles

Mastery Quality Technician Checklist PDF